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A & A Home Repair Services

A & A Home Repair Services is proud to offer home repair services in Ontario Canada. We are a licensed home repair contractor, fully insured, and experienced in renovations, making us the perfect choice to work on your home. If there are items you may like repaired, painted, or improved on a minor scale. Many types of repairs are something you can do yourself, while others may be so complicated, time-consuming, or risky the assistance of a qualified company is needed. If you don’t have the time, tools, or skill set to complete these tasks, you can always call on A & A Home Repair Services.


Often on the bottom of people’s to-do list is home maintenance chores, such as window cleaning. A & A Home Repair Services completes periodic maintenance such as inspections, adjustments, cleaning, or replacements that should be done regularly to ensure the proper functioning of all the systems in a house. Lack of maintenance will cost more down the line due to higher costs associated with repairs or replacements – we help clients avoid costly emergencies such as wood rot, mold, or termites. For many of our clients, our family-owned home repair company fills a necessary gap in home repair and maintenance. Our team takes care of minor repairs in a professional manner, so you don’t have to.


1. Kitchen renovations
2. Basement renovations
3. Bathroom renovations
4. Plumbing service
5. Tiling service in Oshawa Canada
6. Electrical fixtures



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